" Questions of ‘shared space’ and 'value' of art arise when it comes from the city– the sum involves the means by which the art is made, and the conditions that effect the artist. Bringing Graffiti into the Fine Art environment invites social comment, and when the process is valued it can take on a new formation.

My work is a repositioning of existences' complexities- a system of language representations, patterns, and components which allow observation of a symbols’ inherent structure- architecture, meaning and significance.

Working with single words and letters allows construction and fabric of the painting to represent creative movement. By breaking down words into an inter personal ‘reorganisation’ of social experience and interaction, we can reminisce on some of the actions we do already in everyday conversation."

My Story

"My work has been influenced greatly by other artists and cultural groups. This has meant time reading and time travelling, going to shows and museums, listening to music and people speaking. My line of work goes back through several changes in philosophy and perspectives, most notably to the beginnings of using words on paintings. The first impression was due to Jean Michel Basquiat and ‘Sub’, a graffiti writer whos name I used to see from the underground train everyday. I was nineteen, twenty three years ago.

i was born in Glasgow in 1975."