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Make something take something schooling

Conformity nonconformity structures to learn by,

Process creating means to our own


Creating an environment that can be experienced by almost everyone

Writing as a task discovery and determined energy


Creativity – essential make up for success

Extensions of our tools

Extended to graffiti


Defined Characteristics

In some ways putting sentences together is not mandatory. mental efforts to engage creates kind of awkward word-scapes true to the paintings I make. It seems that reality passes as quickly as it takes to manifest- as a conversation, an action, and thinking about the rate that words leave your mouth. Stopping on rotation, cycle one and the spaces - it seems to be for me this time, and understanding of what I can do with it. I look to the others, reading faces and listening, when what we do to be understood could be true to - attempts to capture a sense of reality. Finally, I get to look outside formalities of speaking well and express myself within the boundaries of my creative actions.



contemporary graffiti art 2018

Momentary engagement with art can leave lasting impressions. I hope to capture imaginations and illusions through my art, something interim as my individual effort. Graffiti is essentially temporary at a personal level yet its presence in our city culture is massive.  My paintings, films and audio work not only resemble generic graffiti, they’ve essentially been developed to demonstrate a form of art that exists in a mode, inside and outside, studio and street, person or people.

Returning to the practice and to its original form means looking back on the ideas ive extracted in complexity and in physicality. Ideas that occurred through looking at graffiti as an art form are ideas that shaped my objectives and experience as an artist. Theres a culture to observe and the freedom to experiment in the contextual crossovers. Theres a history that becomes deeper and a time for the contemporary.

Painting descriptive pieces is in a way representing what is real, and when creating these works becomes a part of the everyday, reality can be about description- it can follow understanding of what is real, and be creative enough to allow abstraction.

Realising theres a need to extract material ideas purposefully I find im destined to find the energy and purpose of creative complexity. Im seeking to put what ive learnt back into the social sphere I exist in. Reality has made me look at myself and my work has been an attempt to connect with apparent nature and respond visually. Painting seems now to be about practised methods learnt and taking my experience forwards, to engage with the task, relative to the time.  


word culture statements

My visually descriptive works include and focus on the written word and the alphabet as a source used when connecting with the everyday. A history of note making extends from simplicity to attempts to understand more complex situations, in and based on life. The combinations are the shape of the letters which I call architecture, literal observations or remarks and the process its self, the area of creativity.

Articulation of the physically written word is the area in which my practice connects with the everyday. The visual world is descriptive under notes which can imply experience within the environment we share. The combination of shapes and meaning allow simple statements to be made, coupled with literal observation the visual nature of my work informs an arrangement based on reality, which has allowed change.

h digital.jpg

new, news, the new... 2018

Eventually with that break from caffeine, writing and drawing seems less of a test than a lesson. things fall into place, significant departures from the grey and grim outside, im cold in my room, the picture on the wall is fading. who knows how long itll stay there. its months until spring.

and I need to wait. eventually ill hear, someone calling me to work. when I was in hospital years ago I was lucky enough to share the space with a graffiti artist. we strategically drew on the walls with crayon and chalk. this time round I hope to be in a position where I can help ‘the others’. be it musically, visually or linguistically.

when someone was ill, in a film and I believe in a distant land, when someone was ill they would give that person a musical instrument. back to hospital with my stash of music gear.

my potential task is being written. I want to create lasting memories for those that need them. the influences I felt when I was ill my self. love art and music.

murals (2).jpg

career: art and music to heal. career negotiation 2018-2019


Through networking ive found a collaborator for a branch project relevant to my developing practice. Robert Kennedy is a stone mason and an established artist, and we both work with words and typo graphics.

With the pressures of education behind me, im finding ways to push myself and maintain the right sort of practice.

My area of interest is the effectiveness of communication, especially where words are used in visual form. Through working with language ive found ways to represent aspects of communication. My interests lie in the development of cultural systems, where creativity is at least one reason or aspect of their success. Within that creativity and diversity of culture the bare essentials of meaning and communication are the tools.  Were part of a world that speaks in different languages, thinks in different languages, and this diversity creates so much on an individual level. I would like this project to be the platform on which to build recognition of a community of artists.


thinking on

Our project is called ‘Maths’ under the Group name ‘Shared Space’. I am designing an exhibition to deliberately encourage other emerging and more established artists to demonstrate their abilities to think and create work based on their process.

I’m  focusing on opportunities available – which is an ethos I learnt by reading about creative types involved in the development of Hip Hop culture. Hip hop grew out of house parties and block parties in the 1980s in New York. Im looking to showcase contemporary art in an ‘event’. To place equal emphasis on creating and showing artwork reflects what I have seen in Cardiff, as both emerging and established artists continue to improve on their current situations. My practice has additional strands, a project with new working methods and planned representation in two show cases.

rob kennedy note scan 2.jpg



Momentary illins 2018

If complexity is part of the artistic temperament, it predates me. Im thinking about the necessary cerebral activity it takes to attempt to observe and define our existence. The idea that everything in existence is connected or related, ‘relative and absolute’ is an idea that goes back to and possibly predates Leonardo Davinci. 

For a minute I felt my head go, I felt kind of like the guy in the Pi film. Too much happening. Everything and something. Small mercies, I woke up feeling different, still thinking about intensity and sharing. Actual happenings, listening to others, to myself.

Constant action needs something to follow it. It really needs the balance of creativity, of physical work. Im in an interesting position. A year since leaving masters I have no studio set up, not yet any way., but theres something happening now to finally see a daily paint session. 

Nlit piece from 2016

Elliott NLit 1.JPG

statement 2018

Statement 2018

Being involved in post education art should take you out of the house. Rising to the level you were at doesn’t come easily, and its not without effort. Putting up words on different surfaces, walls, paintings takes a lot of work, mental and physical. So standards have always been high, graffiti taking form as manifestations of style and technique. Yet after all that, resistance comes along in many forms - personal contributions to culture are not always seen as credible, which as a developing artist you shouldn’t have to be concerned with. You just want to do your thing.

Im making a graffiti art film over the next few weeks. It involves a performance piece that is the equivalent of a portrait of a writer. Its really an exploration of what writers do, in explorative unscripted expression. The piece takes on the nature of tagging without looking at who the individual is, theres no location, theres no reference to time- theres no connection to what feels real except the energy surrounding the moment.

Id like to make art that isn’t a statement. That seems appropriate in many instances, but in this one film abstraction of the message is important. Through these actions ive discovered a conflict between momentary and lasting impressions. Its like being torn between taking sides in an argument, seeing too much and spending too much time being confused about how to get things said. Abstract messages are those written by graffiti artists, they carry abstract weight. Theres enough said in one action to hold that one moment.





street work

Learning and integration of graffiti and fine art has been a blur of painting and drawing everyday, justifications, questions and free expression. I have not only moved with two art forms, ive changed myself. Ive struggled with academic writing and defending my practice, over a number of years. Ive had a bit of success, thought of giving things up. Ive come to understand a positive position as an artist and taken art on as a profession.

Development, belief and capability has brought about a change, through which a creative platform has been initiated. I aim to explore the public / shared space, making art that speaks of the efforts to claim that space. The art work of others who im following puts the value of education and culture in front of everyone, not only to test but to inform.


get ready


Sometime soon Ill be having my first interview, for an arts magazine called Creative Colony Quarterly. While it’s a good thing to be doing, im having to work hard to be ready. Put in simple terms I have too many ideas in my head and I need to speak clearly.

My work in its beginnings was inspired by the city and architecture. The combination of words and line were used to capture momentary events in a largely self-taught era.

Listening to hip hop music gave me an interest in using words in my painting, and in that an immersive experience of two decades of experimental art. Ive developed a position as an artist where the value of my work can be derived from other peoples values, no less interpretation and discussion. 

It took a few years to find direction through art. I spent time learning to draw letters and characters, which became an integration of creative skills and directed energy. The term architecture has been taken to describe the style and flow of physical work.