new, news, the new... 2018

Eventually with that break from caffeine, writing and drawing seems less of a test than a lesson. things fall into place, significant departures from the grey and grim outside, im cold in my room, the picture on the wall is fading. who knows how long itll stay there. its months until spring.

and I need to wait. eventually ill hear, someone calling me to work. when I was in hospital years ago I was lucky enough to share the space with a graffiti artist. we strategically drew on the walls with crayon and chalk. this time round I hope to be in a position where I can help ‘the others’. be it musically, visually or linguistically.

when someone was ill, in a film and I believe in a distant land, when someone was ill they would give that person a musical instrument. back to hospital with my stash of music gear.

my potential task is being written. I want to create lasting memories for those that need them. the influences I felt when I was ill my self. love art and music.

murals (2).jpg

career: art and music to heal. career negotiation 2018-2019