contemporary graffiti art 2018

Momentary engagement with art can leave lasting impressions. I hope to capture imaginations and illusions through my art, something interim as my individual effort. Graffiti is essentially temporary at a personal level yet its presence in our city culture is massive.  My paintings, films and audio work not only resemble generic graffiti, they’ve essentially been developed to demonstrate a form of art that exists in a mode, inside and outside, studio and street, person or people.

Returning to the practice and to its original form means looking back on the ideas ive extracted in complexity and in physicality. Ideas that occurred through looking at graffiti as an art form are ideas that shaped my objectives and experience as an artist. Theres a culture to observe and the freedom to experiment in the contextual crossovers. Theres a history that becomes deeper and a time for the contemporary.

Painting descriptive pieces is in a way representing what is real, and when creating these works becomes a part of the everyday, reality can be about description- it can follow understanding of what is real, and be creative enough to allow abstraction.

Realising theres a need to extract material ideas purposefully I find im destined to find the energy and purpose of creative complexity. Im seeking to put what ive learnt back into the social sphere I exist in. Reality has made me look at myself and my work has been an attempt to connect with apparent nature and respond visually. Painting seems now to be about practised methods learnt and taking my experience forwards, to engage with the task, relative to the time.