lists of things \ connections

In present times,

Make something take something schooling

Conformity nonconformity structures to learn by,

Process creating means to our own


Creating an environment that can be experienced by almost everyone

Writing as a task discovery and determined energy


Creativity – essential make up for success

Extensions of our tools

Extended to graffiti


Defined Characteristics

In some ways putting sentences together is not mandatory. mental efforts to engage creates kind of awkward word-scapes true to the paintings I make. It seems that reality passes as quickly as it takes to manifest- as a conversation, an action, and thinking about the rate that words leave your mouth. Stopping on rotation, cycle one and the spaces - it seems to be for me this time, and understanding of what I can do with it. I look to the others, reading faces and listening, when what we do to be understood could be true to - attempts to capture a sense of reality. Finally, I get to look outside formalities of speaking well and express myself within the boundaries of my creative actions.