Theory and creativity: Communication and Writing

'Enlit Theory : Enlit theory is finding a perspective. Coming home cold and numb for the weather, frost on lights blinking, wind blowing cold rain and a mist. The head stays, the feeling after the day nothing to do. Theres only a few minutes. something caught my eye, memories and imaginations directions to a house, hot food and company. The reason why were why were here. I muddled through, distracted. Something about a map.'

Writing prose is hard. Ive written pieces about communication- conversation, reading and writing, based on the experiences that are verbalised. The way that we attain language skills and use them as individuals, the way we listen to other people, the mechanics of languages- slang and poetry ideas as visual artist all influence my thinking.

As a visual artist i feel lucky to have been influenced by other artists who use a words in their painting. It started over twenty years ago, and has been a process of integration. Understanding the process is about observation and attainment, sitting and thinking about existence and experience and education. I use words in documentation of life, using chosen vocabulary and vibrant colours. I want to understand these complexities and simplify what im trying to do, turn my understanding into painting and into film and audio.