Enlit De Book Work

Enlit Theory/ Enlit De 2018

Book work 2018

Im stoked to have finished a six month period of work, making a book with Adam Musatino. Ive been friends with Adam for a while and we were quick to talk about collaborating. His Fine Art final show piece started our discussion and initiation of a book.

The collab started out as a joint creative project, but ended up as an exploration of our positions as creatives. Adam took a step back and let me create a book of my visual ideas while he took on the construction / production parts of the project. He is working on being a freelance screen print technician.

Ive made a few books during my time on Degree and Masters, using mixed media – bright colour paper collages and marker pen. The painting and film making related to the books but the objectives of the areas of work were different on a few levels.

Im interested in the architecture of written and drawn letters that is best seen in my paintings, while the meaning of words is explored in my book works.

The book that I made after Masters was the first major piece of work as a professional artist.

There are three copies of the finished book, one is on display at Cardiff Made Gallery, another is going to be in the Cardiff School of Art and Design at Cardiff Metropolitan University- my old Univ.