hello, my name is

Hello my name is / film  

I remember seeing a film about people with illnesses who were given musical instruments. The approach to healing shown seemed to be about focus on improvement and mastery. Id like to make a connection about film making and learning an instrument. Our inner and outer movements when  represented by art take on the objectivity of the artist. The healing of a physical rhythmical person is something close to my aims, at least in a long time promise to myself.

I started to re discover art in the last days of 1999. Given other peoples understanding, work I was making was taking on new directions. I was given a Square One project that evolved into Paper City. Through creative documentation I explored a mixture of notation and creative writing. In 2018 im still working on the same formulas, and making observations on the processes and reasons for doing this.

Hip hop and Jazz theoretics are in the background of my latest major production, a film called ‘Hello my name is’. The film represents time spent looking at approaches to understanding and how we use it. I started this process listening to music and drawing and since 1999 it has been about consciousness and experience.

‘Hello my name is’ exists as a book of notes and will be made over the next few months. It is the equivalent of my musical instrument.

check out a film I made, in the blog 'Synaptic Space pt2. Masters film production'.

below: Graffuturism piece 2017. Cardiff Millennium Walkway.  future graffiti

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