get ready


Sometime soon Ill be having my first interview, for an arts magazine called Creative Colony Quarterly. While it’s a good thing to be doing, im having to work hard to be ready. Put in simple terms I have too many ideas in my head and I need to speak clearly.

My work in its beginnings was inspired by the city and architecture. The combination of words and line were used to capture momentary events in a largely self-taught era.

Listening to hip hop music gave me an interest in using words in my painting, and in that an immersive experience of two decades of experimental art. Ive developed a position as an artist where the value of my work can be derived from other peoples values, no less interpretation and discussion. 

It took a few years to find direction through art. I spent time learning to draw letters and characters, which became an integration of creative skills and directed energy. The term architecture has been taken to describe the style and flow of physical work.