statement 2018

Statement 2018

Being involved in post education art should take you out of the house. Rising to the level you were at doesn’t come easily, and its not without effort. Putting up words on different surfaces, walls, paintings takes a lot of work, mental and physical. So standards have always been high, graffiti taking form as manifestations of style and technique. Yet after all that, resistance comes along in many forms - personal contributions to culture are not always seen as credible, which as a developing artist you shouldn’t have to be concerned with. You just want to do your thing.

Im making a graffiti art film over the next few weeks. It involves a performance piece that is the equivalent of a portrait of a writer. Its really an exploration of what writers do, in explorative unscripted expression. The piece takes on the nature of tagging without looking at who the individual is, theres no location, theres no reference to time- theres no connection to what feels real except the energy surrounding the moment.

Id like to make art that isn’t a statement. That seems appropriate in many instances, but in this one film abstraction of the message is important. Through these actions ive discovered a conflict between momentary and lasting impressions. Its like being torn between taking sides in an argument, seeing too much and spending too much time being confused about how to get things said. Abstract messages are those written by graffiti artists, they carry abstract weight. Theres enough said in one action to hold that one moment.