Momentary illins 2018

If complexity is part of the artistic temperament, it predates me. Im thinking about the necessary cerebral activity it takes to attempt to observe and define our existence. The idea that everything in existence is connected or related, ‘relative and absolute’ is an idea that goes back to and possibly predates Leonardo Davinci. 

For a minute I felt my head go, I felt kind of like the guy in the Pi film. Too much happening. Everything and something. Small mercies, I woke up feeling different, still thinking about intensity and sharing. Actual happenings, listening to others, to myself.

Constant action needs something to follow it. It really needs the balance of creativity, of physical work. Im in an interesting position. A year since leaving masters I have no studio set up, not yet any way., but theres something happening now to finally see a daily paint session. 

Nlit piece from 2016

Elliott NLit 1.JPG