world writing

Im involved in a collaboration, at the beginning of a collaboration. I don’t know the objectives of the artist, I just know hes interested in other peoples hand writing. Hand writing is part of my practise, and a part of graffiti culture so I thought id write about the symbol and word that I observe daily.

Through working with language ive found ways to represent aspects of communication. My interests lie in the development of cultural systems, where creativity is at least one reason or aspect of their success. Within that creativity and diversity of culture the bare essentials of meaning and communication are the tools. Writing and language taught to us lend subtle impressions and characteristics that can be seen as world culture intelligence. Were part of a world that speaks in different languages, thinks in different languages. Diversity leads me to the artist next to me, to consider those who communicate through graffiti, and to their experience.


hello, my name is

Hello my name is / film  

I remember seeing a film about people with illnesses who were given musical instruments. The approach to healing shown seemed to be about focus on improvement and mastery. Id like to make a connection about film making and learning an instrument. Our inner and outer movements when  represented by art take on the objectivity of the artist. The healing of a physical rhythmical person is something close to my aims, at least in a long time promise to myself.

I started to re discover art in the last days of 1999. Given other peoples understanding, work I was making was taking on new directions. I was given a Square One project that evolved into Paper City. Through creative documentation I explored a mixture of notation and creative writing. In 2018 im still working on the same formulas, and making observations on the processes and reasons for doing this.

Hip hop and Jazz theoretics are in the background of my latest major production, a film called ‘Hello my name is’. The film represents time spent looking at approaches to understanding and how we use it. I started this process listening to music and drawing and since 1999 it has been about consciousness and experience.

‘Hello my name is’ exists as a book of notes and will be made over the next few months. It is the equivalent of my musical instrument.

check out a film I made, in the blog 'Synaptic Space pt2. Masters film production'.

below: Graffuturism piece 2017. Cardiff Millennium Walkway.  future graffiti

step one two.jpg


Parallel lines

Individuality and personal style shape the conversation, things happen and certain things remain. Expression and immediacy make painting something you need to do more and more- that need can be seen. I often talk about my own perspective and wont forget that theres a graffiti family and a greater shared space.

Situations change things. Things are good, just working out the essentials of working as an independent creative artist. Continuation of methods and reasoning has shaped what I now hold as my practice. Having worked for a few years in education, I miss the practicalities of studio based work. Im now thinking, if a idea comes to mind- where and when am I going to paint that idea? Making use of space and what is available is an ethical position to be in. I hope to maintain my practise by thinking about opportunities.



Workshop Graffiti

Graffiti Workshop 2018 - 2019

In the new year I will be applying for funding from the Arts Council Wales to run a series of workshops. If my application is successful ill be taking on six students from differing practises in the contemporary arts community.

The logistics are still being put on paper, and its not too complicated. On completion of the application ill have worked out how many sessions to run, gathered up a total of three tutors and six pupils, and found some walls in Cardiff for painting. The paint should be paid for too.


Enlit Theory Graffiti Workshops

2019 (contact)

Enlit De Book Work

Enlit Theory/ Enlit De 2018

Book work 2018

Im stoked to have finished a six month period of work, making a book with Adam Musatino. Ive been friends with Adam for a while and we were quick to talk about collaborating. His Fine Art final show piece started our discussion and initiation of a book.

The collab started out as a joint creative project, but ended up as an exploration of our positions as creatives. Adam took a step back and let me create a book of my visual ideas while he took on the construction / production parts of the project. He is working on being a freelance screen print technician.

Ive made a few books during my time on Degree and Masters, using mixed media – bright colour paper collages and marker pen. The painting and film making related to the books but the objectives of the areas of work were different on a few levels.

Im interested in the architecture of written and drawn letters that is best seen in my paintings, while the meaning of words is explored in my book works.

The book that I made after Masters was the first major piece of work as a professional artist.

There are three copies of the finished book, one is on display at Cardiff Made Gallery, another is going to be in the Cardiff School of Art and Design at Cardiff Metropolitan University- my old Univ.






Moving slowly through previous actions, without picking a focus point, I thought to start on a process of simplification. Its not an easy process, looking at the conditions that have effected my work, the way ive been living. Distracted by things that might be, ive still found my way through objectives to significant signs that things around me are changed. The bus every day, the people I pass on the street, the latest words on the page. I do think about what it took to get here, maybe the nature of development, learning to leave things as they are, simple.

word matters

its possible to confuse the act of writing graffiti with the task of writing prose or poetry- 'writing' might come from the phrase 'writing your name'. 

Writing throughout a lean period of physical creativity has meant contemplating creativity in words. I found that the expressive nature and meditative qualities of communication through painting has equivalence in writing. To write from experience and to direct thought through the structures and aesthetics of written word is a concept, a working idea. The task of translating ideas across my practise becomes poetic.

born again matters


Star alignment / Graffuturism

Poetic phrases and simple statements, are an outcome of using words in art works and writing about them. Each letter or numeric is a source for visual and poetic ideas. Mathematic and geometric ideas are part of the writing technique and style.

Aspects in this art form feel diagrammatic- 'self' is made up of several parts which can be represented visually. Ideas that this abstract can be cleanly transferred from note to canvas or wall and is the aim of this exploration.  






Theory and creativity: Communication and Writing

'Enlit Theory : Enlit theory is finding a perspective. Coming home cold and numb for the weather, frost on lights blinking, wind blowing cold rain and a mist. The head stays, the feeling after the day nothing to do. Theres only a few minutes. something caught my eye, memories and imaginations directions to a house, hot food and company. The reason why were why were here. I muddled through, distracted. Something about a map.'

Writing prose is hard. Ive written pieces about communication- conversation, reading and writing, based on the experiences that are verbalised. The way that we attain language skills and use them as individuals, the way we listen to other people, the mechanics of languages- slang and poetry ideas as visual artist all influence my thinking.

As a visual artist i feel lucky to have been influenced by other artists who use a words in their painting. It started over twenty years ago, and has been a process of integration. Understanding the process is about observation and attainment, sitting and thinking about existence and experience and education. I use words in documentation of life, using chosen vocabulary and vibrant colours. I want to understand these complexities and simplify what im trying to do, turn my understanding into painting and into film and audio.